Counselling & Assistance

The Women’s Health and Information Program supports the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of women, while recognising the social, environmental, economic, physical and cultural factors which affect women’s health.

We aim to be a resource for women around whatever issues concern them in their lives. Information is available on a variety of topics, which value women’s wisdom and supports them in making their own informed health choices.

The Centre offers:

■ A safe and friendly environment for Women

■ A venue for Non-profit Independent Women’s Groups

■ Newsletters

■ Free internet and computer access

The Centre employs a Health Promotion Officer, who is able to provide the following:

■ Information, referral and support

■ Facilitation of special interest groups

■ Wellness promotional activities

■ Newsletters

■ Activism around women’s health issues

■ Liaison with Women’s Health workers in different sectors

Our Women’s Health & Information Program’s goal is to provide a safe, supportive place where women can voice their concerns, share experiences, gain information, learn skills and build friendships with other women.